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Talents: Clairaudient, Intuitive, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Advisor Tools: none - *I am a honest and caring natural born psychic topics: relationships, finances, career, all topics about your life 

About Alandarose: I am an effective, compassionate psychic medium whose goal is to empower you with positive energy and insights that can transform your life forever. I don’t use tarot cards or any other tools. I can answer your questions through the guidance of what I hear and communicate to you from your ancestral spirits and guides. 

Contact Alandarose at (my phone number and/or email) to book a phone session or a face-to-face ZOOM session. 

Areas covered include:

Love and Relationships




Career: New Opportunities and Promotion

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

Please contact me with any personal queries at:


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